Summit Mascot(Hoppy)

Summit Mascot(Hoppy)

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Who is ‘Hoppy’?

The official character of the '2023 Global Youth Summit', named 'Hoppy', symbolizes 'Hope' and 'Happiness' to youth around the world. In celebration of the 'Year of the Rabbit' in 2023, Hoppy wears a blue rabbit cap. Hoppy will play a role in bringing global youth participating in the summit closer together.


In March 2023, Character Design Contest was held targeting Korean and international youth and we received a variety of character ideas. As a result, Hoppy, by Lim, Sofia T. from the Philippines, was selected as the 1st prize and selected as the main character of the Summit. In addition, Mif Ardianata Pratama Putra from Indonesia received the 2nd prize, and Yoon Chae-young from South Korea and Camille A. Orelly from the Philippines received the 3rd prize, adding further significance to the competition.