Summit Mascot(HANA)

Summit Mascot(HANA)

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HANA (하나)

Dokkaebi dreaming of Inclusion and Integration Of ASEAN-Korea

Selection Process

In May 2021, ASEAN-Korea Youth Character Design Contest, one of the summit cooperation projects, was held.

A total of 38 applicants from ASEAN and Korea participated in the contest, which meant creating ASEAN-Korea Youth Summit together.The character "Hana" was selected as the grand prize.

Meaning of the name

The name(Hana) is named after 1(one), counting in Korean. “Hana" means that ASEAN-Korea regions will become “one” community and move toward inclusion and integration.

Meaning of “Hana” Design

The appearance of “Hana" is based on the motif of "Sun," which has an important meaning in Oriental culture. And the horns, which are characteristic of “Dokkaebi” as the legendary creature and the spirits of nature in Korean mythology, are wrapped around their heads to create cute feelings.